How World Has Changed In Past Few Years


The world has changed rapidly and according to science we are progressing. Development is not a bad this but if the development is in positive way.
If we take a look on past years we will find out that word has changed. Some changes are good and some are bad but we will not discuss bad changes. The world is now a global village in which a person sitting in one country can contact a person who is thousands of miles away.
Technology and Science is one of the major reason behind all these innovations. The world is full of geniuses and technology geeks who are daily trying to find new solutions and new technologies to redefine the way of human living.
Some of the most amazing technologies that we are starting to use.

1. Virtual Reality
A system designed to make fake things real with the help of sensors. It makes a human feel the unreal you can play games watch movies like you are the main chatacter or your are the one wathing it in real. Now you have VR boxes with which you can watch movies and play games like real.

2. Self Driving Cars
One of the most innovative technology of today time is self driving cars and we are now seeing these types of cars being tested.

3. Artificial Intelligence
We can call AI as the biggest development in today’s technology as now robots are capable to do work like human and even they can now think. That is just because of AI now factories are using robots for automated works that too with accuracy.

4. Crypto Currency
Crypto Currencies are now ruling the world. These currencies are well ahead of paper currencies because the tranfer speed really fast and the fees of transferring the money is much cheaper then paper money. You can now send money by sitting at your office or your home.


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