How Technology is Redefining Our Way Of Living?


Today we are living in the era that can be called as the era of technology where we all are surrounded by machines and other innovative things.
Today Top companies from the globe are technology based. If we compare the early 2000’s with today we will find out the world has changed rapidly and still in the changing or developing phase.
Now we can use robots as manpower and AI(Artificial Intelligence) has given us power to think beyond imagination. This is all because of the innovation in Technology.
Technology has its own positive and negative aspects. As sometime the technology itself can be harmful for the human or for the world. As recently Faceboom developed 2 AI based robots and they began to talk eachother. In our opinion that is really great but they began to talk eachother in a language that no human or other computer could understand and that was horrifying for the creators. They shut down the project.
But its just a case we can’t say that everything is harmful technology itself is making our work easier and fast.


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