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Bitcoin a way to future?


As we know Bitcoin very well and know that it can generate a lots of money as we have seen it going 19k$ from just some bucks. Bitcoin is called the future but is it a good way to use virtual currency instrad of paper currency? According to technology giants …

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How Technology is Redefining Our Way Of Living?

Today we are living in the era that can be called as the era of technology where we all are surrounded by machines and other innovative things. Today Top companies from the globe are technology based. If we compare the early 2000’s with today we will find out the world …

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How World Has Changed In Past Few Years

The world has changed rapidly and according to science we are progressing. Development is not a bad this but if the development is in positive way. If we take a look on past years we will find out that word has changed. Some changes are good and some are bad …

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Bing Also Banned In China

According to the reports Bing search engine is now banned in china as it was allowed earlier because of its safe search. But last week according to Microsoft officials china banned bing. Google was banned earlier beacuse of its open searching algorithm. Everyone is allowed to search some of the …

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