Bitcoin a way to future?


As we know Bitcoin very well and know that it can generate a lots of money as we have seen it going 19k$ from just some bucks. Bitcoin is called the future but is it a good way to use virtual currency instrad of paper currency?
According to technology giants virtual currency is way far more better as compared to paper currency as it is decentralized and have cheap transfering fee you dont have to go somewhere to transfer Bitcoin.
Bitcoin price spiked from some bucks to thousands of dollars and in future it can go further up as some of the experts refer that its price can go up by 300K dollars by 2020. There are some points that we should keep in mind that is it possible? Or not. It is possible as Bitcoin price has grown rapidly. Market manipulation is one of the most talked point in crypto world as big guys(The Whales) manipulate the market but we should keep in mind that there is market manipulation in real world money too.
People refer that Bitcoin should be regulated and we should have transaction reversal or cancellation system We don’t know who we are sending that money we can’t track Bitcoin and we don’t know what they are going to do with the money.
Recently 2 congressman tried to pass a bill that would’ve changed the 100 years old law and crypto world would’ve changed but unfortunately the bill was rejected its not bad for crypto world because Atleast they are talking about Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is now a threat to banks and other financial commodities. In future its better to have an app in your mobile that keeps your money safe as compared to the wallet in your pocket. If you have paper money in your bank or in your home i will advise you to buy some Bitcoin and you will be thankful to me in the future.

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